Lessons from a Bird

One day I was sitting reading, with my back to the window when I heard a thud. I looked behind me and laying on my patio was a bright yellow songbird. It was breathing faintly, and had landed on his back . I called animal control, was transferred to a non emergency number , and finally given the number to a rehabilitation facility for birds. No one answered the phone, so I left a voicemail. I showed my husband and kids and at first glance, they all thought the bird was dead. But I urged them to look closer and see that the birds little chest was still rising and falling.


My husband and kids insisted that it probably would die. They discussed moving it or going ahead and digging a hole for us to bury it in when it stopped breathing. My husband turned the bird over gently and it just sat there, seemingly still stunned by the shock of flying full speed into my patio window. I sat there waiting,hoping for a call back from the rehab center. After about 10 minutes or so the little bird fluttered to another area of our yard. It didn’t look like he was able to get his wings going like he needed to... “poor thing,” I thought, “He probably can’t fly anymore.” After a few more minutes he fluttered to a new spot of the yard. And then when I least expected it, he fluttered, but this time his wings went up away and he was gone.


My husband & kids had almost counted that little bird out. And me I had hope that we could help it somehow. This situation, showed me how hope can change our life’s trajectory. When situations or people have you feeling that you are “down for the count.” There is a God peering down at you with his hands of hope, ready to move in your circumstances. No matter how it looks, there is hope for you today! As long as you have breath in your body, there is hope for you and I in Jesus Christ. This does not mean everything will work out how we want to, often times it will not. But, I urge you to pursue God’s promises at all cost. He alone, will take your life to new and amazing heights!

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