The United States Presidential Election is less than two weeks away. Whether you hate or love politics, you no doubt have been more in tune to what is going on than in previous years. My middle schooler and second grader are exceptionally curious and have had a lot of questions about our current President, the election, and what our leaders are going to do about the challenges we currently face as a country. I have been challenged more than ever to seek God on how to present a biblical, and hopeful foundation. Our children are the next generation of voters in the making, and that is a responsibility we as parents should take seriously.

It can be easy to fall into a pessimistic worldview as parents, because we know how complicated life can be. But as we continue to put our faith in God as parents, our children will have direction and a source of hope and resilience in today’s world.  Teaching our children that change begins with getting on our knees to repent and seek God’s will, is our first role as believers. Our relationship with Christ allows us a privileged pathway to transcend the pressure, anxiety, and chaos of this world. Only God knows the future. It’s our job as parents to trust Him and model that same trust for our children.

Maneuvering our children’s social, and economic concerns can feel daunting. Some of us may in fact feel we can’t handle it. But I believe we can. And I believe God has placed a mantle of responsibility and His enabling upon us to do so. Training our children encompasses a myriad of things, but the most important is laying the foundation of including God in all things. This is a major undertaking, but we are laying not only the foundation for our children but also the generations that follow.

Jesus is our hope! Because of sin we live in a fallen world full of pain, sadness, and death. But God sent Jesus as the Savior of the world. Sin and its effects on the world are complicated, but the solution is, and must always, remain clear. We are a blessed nation and we are privileged to call the United States our home. Do we have our problems as a nation? Yes. But God is, and always will be in control. How will we as a family respond?  Begin by covering the basics. Explain our nation’s systems, democracy, our economy, and the things are affecting our community the most. 

For some of you, your children may be too young for all of this, and that's o.k. Preparation for the future can't hurt.  I encourage you to teach your children to filter our world’s issues through a biblical worldview. Make a list of principles that God says are important. Allow Him to guide you as a family to make your election choices for President, as well as for all other elections at every level of government. Let’s do our best to provide our children with the spiritual and political tools they will need to be educated Christian voters, and responsible citizens based on God’s Word. 

To help you organize download my 2020 Family Voting Sheet and Family Discussion Guide! We can do this, and God is right here to help us!

Guest Blogger: Christina Garrett (The Mommathon Diaries)

“Mom… Where do babies come from?”

I look up from the sink where I have been scrubbing dishes and swallowed hard.

“Uh…. Ask your dad.”

I had tried to defer the conversation for as long as possible, but eventually, we were cornered. Of course, I know where babies come from. I have FIVE of them. So I really know. However, it has been my struggle to find the words to explain how the beauty of pregnancy comes to be. At the time of this conversation, my older children were 10, 8 and 8 (twins). Once we got over the anxiety of talking to them about the S-word, we dived in. And it was much easier than I thought!

Here are some tips to taking the awkwardness out of The Talk:

Remember that God created sex and it’s amazing. Many of us grew up in climates where sex was a hush term. While churches were overflowing with children, we somehow thought they happened by immaculate conception. Instead of being quiet about something that God Himself designed, we have to normalize that the Creator made ALL things beautiful. If we tell of God’s goodness in other areas, maybe we celebrate the intimacy between couples as well.

Teach kids that sex has multiple purposes.

YES, sex is for procreation, but that’s not all! God is very tactical in how He created humanity. The connection that happens in a sexual relationship is meant to go beyond just coming together to make children. The connection between a man and a woman is there to create long term attachment and intertwine two spirits together in unity.

Even more so, it’s OKAY to tell our children that God made sex to feel good. Let’s normalize the usage of their private parts and remember that they are full of sensory nerves because God put them there! Tell them all the reasons for sex. It’s okay that it feels good. It’s supposed to – but God wants us to bond and enjoy it with our spouse. Periodt.

Lighten up!

Talking about sex is a big deal, and causes a lot of stress when they think of their children pressing fast forward 10 years. Yes, sex outside of marriage is a sin and God wants us to be married before we enjoy it. However, we don’t want to demonize sex so much so that the kids become tempted and think they are abnormal for their feelings and urges.

Although my kids were grossed out by the logistics of sex, I was able to laugh about it. “You all DO know, that with the exception of a small percentage of the world, everyone was created this way!” We need to let our babies know that what they feel is normal, and that they are loved and valued no matter what they desire or have experienced.

This openness and relaxation help our children to believe they can come and tell us about those things they see or hear. Slow down and remember – we are stewards of our children and it is our job to prepare them for making mature adult decisions through God’s Word, wisdom and awareness. It’s up to us to teach. God will help them listen.

Christina Garrett is an Organization Coach, Home School Mom of 5, & Pastors Wife. You can read more about Christina, advice on family life, and the space she provides for Mom's to invest in themselves at The Mommathon Diaries on Facebook.

I was setting up my eleven-year old for his writing assignment, making sure my seven-year old wasn’t goofing around during his virtual tutoring session and my toddler was bouncing around the house. I had just gotten out of a meeting with one of my children’s tutors and I was feeling overwhelmed. Then, my husband called. “Did you wipe down the tub?” he asked. “I wanted to take a bath after I finished the yard work.” “No,” I replied rather abruptly and proceeded to ramble off about all “I” was doing. Overwhelmed or not, I did not respond as I should have to my husband. I shouldn’t have been so quick to reply. I did not listen to “understand,” I simply “replied.” In a matter of seconds, I had disregarded his request.

Although I did not have ill intentions, the truth is, I had been selfish. Shortly after hanging up the phone, the Holy Spirit convicted me. How would I have felt if I was on his side of the phone? Ouch! I sauntered outside across our backyard to apologize and make things right. When “I” was feeling overwhelmed. “I” gave reasons why “I” felt too busy. “I” did not acknowledge what my husband needed from me. Even when we don’t have the mental, physical, or emotional capacity to do something for our spouse, what we can do is lovingly acknowledge and validate their needs or concerns.

In the midst of taking care of daily responsibilities, our spouses often catch the brunt of our stress and selfishness. But none of that should ever be an excuse to continue acting selfishly. Your spouse is God’s gift to you. Your wife is God’s daughter, and your husband is God’s son designed specifically for you! Don’t take your spouse for granted. What you take for granted can leave your relationship vulnerable and weak. And more importantly, if we don’t listen to God’s voice, we miss opportunities to love our spouse the way we committed to in our wedding vows.

My favorite scripture for marriage is 1 Corinthians 13, it is often referred to as the “Love Chapter.” It is not easy to “love” when you are stressed, but it is possible. When you and I get off track, we need to be honest with ourselves, God and our spouse. Don’t ignore any opportunity to apologize. Handle your spouse with care. And when you’re wrong… apologize and don’t delay!

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