Updated: Jan 30

As I shared last week, we have been staying with family before we transition into our new home. My parents graciously allowed us to come stay with them for the last two weeks. If you missed why we couldn’t move right into our new home, I encourage you to read last week’s blog post to get caught up. 

My family and I were super eager to move into our new home, but God had other plans. This past weekend, my parents surprised my husband and I with a conversation that was soo impactful that I just had to share it with you all. I’m forever in awe of how God orchestrates detours in our lives so that He can get our attention. The most important ministry of family never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I’ve learned soo much, I realize how much more there is to learn. 

Anyway, my parents took the time to encourage my husband and I in all that we are doing as parents and taking care of our family. They took the time to share their memories of how the days of raising my brother and I was a grind, but looking back now, they see how the years were soo short. They encouraged us that planting seeds of prayer, time spent in God’s Word, and other things of spiritual value will pay out far more dividends than we can imagine. But also, if we dropped the ball, there would be consequences.  

The boys' loving grandparents and I all joined hands and prayed together. Lastly, they prayed an individual prayer for each one of our boys. I will forever be grateful for my parents and this moment. I was reminded all the more of how precious the responsibility of loving and serving my family as unto the Lord really is. One of the most poignant nuggets that my Dad shared was, “You are dealing with your grandchildren now.” Wow! 

The investment of time, energy, and prayer extend beyond our families as we know it right now. When we keep Christ at the center of our home, we are impacting generations to come. So don’t lose sight of the goal, my friends. God loves our families more than we could ever know. He knows as parents, we will get tired, stressed, and have difficulty. Yet, He promises to be with us and never leave us. This week, I encourage you to stay in prayer for yourselves, your children, future children, and the generations to come! Be blessed!

From Left to Right: My parents, My husband & I , and the boys :)

Updated: Feb 20

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Hey there! I’m so glad you’re here!

It’s no better time than now to share the good news that God wants to do some great things in and through our families. Our first ministry as parents is our home, and that’s what I am most passionate about! I want to do my part to help each family see the importance of living fulfilled, leading their family intentionally, and leaving a legacy. I by no means have got all the answers, but I’m excited to keep you encouraged and share truths and resources along this exciting journey.

God created us all for the community, I hope that through this blog I can become part of yours. God means for all families to thrive, no matter what we are currently facing. I love you and God loves you even more! Let’s grow together as authentic and spirit-filled parents, who keep the hope of Jesus shining brightly in our hearts and home.


Updated: Jan 30

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In the midst of this COVID pandemic, my husband and I felt like it was time for our family to move. We were blessed to buy our first home six years ago. We had talked about moving at some point, but given the opportunity for great interest rates and recent renovations we had made, it seemed as though God had positioned us, for such a time as this. My husband and myself prayed and put into motion our house hunt for our family. The first home we put an offer on did not pan out, because the seller would not budge on fixing items from the home inspection. The second home we put an offer on, we loved more than the first, but the sellers had received over twenty offers and ours was not the one they chose. At this point we thought maybe we should cancel our plans to move.

We had left one stone unturned, a little country craftsman. We had done a virtual tour earlier in our house hunt, but I thought we needed a home with a basement for the kids and so we had moved on. I suggested to my husband that we go and look at the same house in person, no one had put an offer on it as of yet. When we went to check out the home, I was in love and my husband was sold too. We immediately put in an offer and it was accepted!

We had accepted an offer on our current home and my family and I thought we were all set. Our boxes were packed and only one more day til closing on our dream home. That afternoon, around 6pm I got a call from our realtor. “Brace yourself,” she said “I have bad news.” Apparently, something had went awry with our home buyer’s loan and he would not be approved. I was terribly dissapointed, but what could we do? The bigger issue was how to crack the news to my husband, he was just as emotionally vested in this as I was. What was I going to say?? So, I prayed a silent prayer and proceeded across the hall into our bedroom where he was resting. He took the news relatively well, and we decided to take the upcoming weekend to take our mind off of things. We prayed and together, again, …we gave our home buying process to God.

How was I going to live for another month in this house with soo many of our belongings already packed? I set my mind to hunker down for another month, maybe longer by God’s grace. This whole process assured me of the importance of relying on God’s sovereignty. Sometimes there are big inconveniences or circumstances in life and well there is simply no answer as to why God allows them. But God is always in control. In all honesty, I didn’t want to learn this lesson in this moment, but that’s often how life goes.

We prepared to put our home back on the market for a second time. After the first showing we secured a new buyer. This time the buyer was a single mom, with three little children. Our process began again, waiting for the appraisal, inspections, and underwriting…

I did not expect to feel soo on edge, from week to week. What if this buyer fell thru as well? I was more nervous this time around. Knowing exactly how we were soo close before and everything fell apart. But even so I prayed and ask God to help me to trust Him each day. I recite Proverbs 3:5-6 all the time to my kiddos and have the words intentionally placed on my kitchen wall. But this favorite scripture of mine, became even more encouraging to me over the next several weeks.

On the Sunday before we were set to close on both homes, we drove up to our new home for our final walk through. When we arrived our realtor prepared us by saying she had some bad news. As we walked into our dream home we saw a gaping hole in the ceiling and water damage that had come through from the second level down into the first floor hallway. Much to our dismay this would cause a delay in closing on this home until everything was repaired. But in the midst we were thankful that God allowed problems with the HVAC to come to light so it could be addressed prior to our moving in.

On July 31, 2020 we were able to close on our current home, and hand over the keys to bless another family. For now we will be staying with relatives in hopes that we can close on our dream home in approximately two weeks or so. It has been an interesting ride thus far, but as always our hope is in Christ who does all things well. Stay tuned…