When the day is over, all you probably want to do is flop on the bed and kick your shoes off.

But, think about what a difference it would make if you gave your room a new look... What if when you came into your room it aided your mind and body in having a more calm and serene mood? Your master bedroom should be a sacred space for you and your spouse. Your room is your space to connect with God and each other intimately.

Consider updating or decorating your bedroom for the first time, with your spouse, as a surprise gift, or consider enlisting the help of an expert designer.

Decor that Speaks to Your Love

Words are powerful. Pray about what has strengthened you and your spouse. Are there pictures that you and your spouse cherish? Pick a few to frame and be a reminder of your love, commitment, and looking forward to the journey ahead. Don’t just pick things arbitrarily, make your master bedroom unique to your union. Think of how you will feel after a rough day, and post scriptures or words that will encourage you and your spouse and motivate you both daily.

Marriage Books & Devotionals

Keep a few marriage books or devotionals on hand. Reading a portion of a marriage book or short devotional can help you both grow in your relationship with God, improve communication, and increase intimacy. This is a great way to help each other be accountable to one another in being intentional to invest in each other. Here are a few great book and devotional recommendations:

Mood Music

Don’t forget to have something in your room that you can use to play music and set the mood for relaxation, meditation, or romance.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make plans for a master bedroom makeover! Have fun and be creative with your space. I hope you will take some time to invest in creating an atmosphere for you and your spouse that you both will enjoy for years and years to come! See pictures below of our master bedroom transformation, by Erica's Events & Decor.

Erica Anselmo launched Erica’s Events and Décor ® in November 2018. Erica’s ultimate goal is to deliver tailor-made, affordable, elegant events and interior design to the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Learn more about her and the amazing services she provides at,

We are pretty well acclimated to what it means to honor a highly elected official or leader. But how well do you honor your spouse? Do you feel your spouse honors you?

The Bible instructs us to honor our spouse. Honoring our spouse further solidifies our intimacy and makes our bond stronger. This component of honor allows God to keep cultivating our heart as individuals. But also, so that we can bless God and experience an abundantly blessed union.

Honor is defined in the dictionary as “regarding with great respect.” We often hear respect, as a responsibility of wives. Our husbands do indeed need our respect. However, this command in the Bible, does not omit mutual respect. Marriage is a ministry of mutual serving and giving for the betterment of both and for the glory of God. Honoring our spouse begins with our thoughts. If we can see our spouse from God's vantage point, we can more easily honor each other in an impactful way.


Seeing how our spouse brings value to our life reaps an attitude of gratitude. How does your spouse make your life better? What is it that your husband or wife does that you would not want to go without? How would your life be less fulfilling if your spouse was not in the picture? Your spouse's value should not be taken for granted and should not be based on reciprocation. Look for tangible ways to value your spouse. Create space in your schedule to check in with each other. Make time to evaluate each other’s schedule to see how you can lighten each other’s load of responsibilities. Validating each other’s needs, and doing what you can to support each other, shows that you value each other’s contributions to your marriage.


As husband and wife, we often just get up and do what needs to be done. But a word of appreciation, for both the mundane and major accomplishments we take on each day, is a tangible way we can show love and respect. Getting up and going to work, waking up to nurse a baby, securing a second gig to cover the bills... No matter what your spouse is busy doing, make an effort to let your spouse know you see them and appreciate their contributions to your marriage and family. It takes approximately twenty-one days to build a habit, so start today by practicing at least one way to show appreciation to your spouse.

Utilize Their Contributions

Marriage is not a one-man, or one-woman show. Marriage works best when the contributions of both are utilized. If your wife is a savvy spender, let her budget and balance the finances. If your husband is passionate about cooking, let him handle the meal plan and prep. Don’t allow pride to keep you from utilizing each other’s strengths in your marriage. Keep the love flowing and give your spouse the freedom to use their talents, gifts, and strengths to further God's Kingdom and build a legacy for your family.


Pray for ways to reach your spouse's heart in a way that reflects your intentions to honor them. God is always our source when it comes to finding the key to our spouses, needs, wants, and innermost desires because God knows them best. Give verbal affirmations often. Express that you value, appreciate, and are thankful for your spouse's contributions. Our marriages are priceless, and we must treat each other as assets and not as an accessory. Marriage takes work, but it is well worth the reward!

Need help starting? Print out “A Vow to Honor Cards” for FREE! These cards include prompts that you can personalize and print out. Leave the cards in a lunch bag, on the bed, anywhere your husband or

wife is sure to see them!

(Printing Suggestion: Print on card stock.)

Before the pandemic motherhood wasn’t easy. But since COVID has been on the scene your job has got increasingly harder. You want a vacation from the house, the kids, and all the responsibilities that come along with it. Trying to tame kids screaming and working from home is a wild dynamic, to say the least.

Are ready for the kids to go back to school? Have you pulled your kids out and you can’t believe you’re suddenly your child’s main teacher? Or have you been home schooling before the pandemic and you want to get back to your normal activities?

Wherever this pandemic has landed you, it has been a time of intense fighting amidst feelings of overwhelming stress. Give yourself grace as we continue to cross uncharted waters and get back to our new normal. But rest assured God sees you, and there is hope for you. If you feel as if no one in your family seems to see how you give of yourself daily, know that you are not alone. Mom, your work is of great value! Motherhood is a labor of love and this pandemic is stretching all of us.

However, don’t keep grinding at the cost of improper care of yourself. We were not created to neglect ourselves in exchange for taking care of our families. If that is you, you are out of order. This pandemic has most of our babysitters out of a temporary job. But COVID-19 has taught us that life must still continue, despite our restrictions. And taking care of you Mom, is a priority.

Quiet time with Jesus

It can be five minutes that make all the difference! Don’t be ashamed or condemned by the amount of time you spend quietly with Jesus. As mothers, you can learn to abide with God as you change a diaper, nurse you little one, fix a bottle, or iron clothes. If you acknowledge the Holy Spirit, He will come through with a Word of life, even as you perform mundane household duties. When you truly have more time to give, the Lord will nudge you and show you the best way to expand your prayer and bible study time.

Pour into Yourself

Don’t go hop on a plane. But there is a way to refresh right where you are. It might not even be planned. But when you find your moment, go for it! Have a hot cup of tea by your fireplace in silence. Take a bubble bath with your favorite music playing. Pick up a book you have sat down for a while. If you have a spouse whose schedule allows for you to go out for a few, coordinate so you can go for a drive, or sit in the car quietly alone. This pandemic is also a great time to pick up some hobbies you wouldn’t typically be able to get around to, like creating that family photo scrapbook. Find out what refuels you and do it as often as you can.

Connect with Others Call a friend, family member, or check on someone who may be lonely and in need of an encouraging word. Nothing feeds the heart, mind, and body like community. Don’t let others stress you, but do stay connected to your church family or women’s groups. Relax and relate to some of your girlfriends over Zoom or FaceTime. Yes, I know it isn’t ideal, but nothing about this pandemic is, right? Enjoy what you have, until you get out of this pandemic. Share the blessings and goodness of God with someone. No matter what your experiencing in this season, don’t isolate yourself. Your blessing of refreshing is just around the corner!!

The cost of not taking care of yourself, will most likely result in frustration, irritability, resentment, and more. We are better mothers when we are healthy and strong. Spending consistent time with God, pouring into ourselves, and connecting with others will truly make a difference. Decide today, to no longer neglect you.

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