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My son excitedly told me that he is becoming a “master” of the scientific calculator. And that is because, Triad Math, Inc. makes using the scientific calculator easy. Their program, Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator: Augmented Intelligence for all 21st Century Students is an online course including video lessons. The course is accompanied by a worktext that supplements the students learning online.

The first fifteen lessons cover pre-algebra and algebra calculator tools. The printed book lessons are also included as a download within the online course, so my son and I ended up using the worktext very little. The tutorial videos allowed him to understand the material much easier, as he is a visual and kinesthetic learner. The quizzes are short and concise, but help ensure that the learner retains the information as they complete each lesson. A full record of the student's progress can be found in the Learning Management System. Included in the platforms is a forum for students to ask questions. We have not needed to utilize it, as of yet.


My son enjoyed using the calculator because he knows it is a useful tool that will help him with high school and college-level math. He knows his ultimate goal is higher education at a University and anything that will help him achieve success, is a win! He also noticed that with the skills he is learning in this course, he will eventually be able to eliminate some of his usage of scrap paper for some of his math problems.


The online and print layout could have been more colorful and engaging. The text in the book is black and white. The videos do not include any music or animation that would make it more fun for students.

My son is currently in the 6th grade and an aspiring engineer. The program has an entire section on STEM, which will definitely be useful as he gets closer to high school-level math. These STEM lessons cover polar rectangular coordinates, units of conversion, density, weight, volume, scientific prefixes, and the technician's triangle.

Higher-level math students can learn how to use the scientific calculator for Trigonometry. Five lessons cover a practical math foundation for measures of an angle. They will learn how to use keys on the calculator to compute the “sine”, cosine, tangent” of an angle. Included in this section is how to find the degree in one revolution or circle, using the DMS system of the calculator.

At the end of the textbook is information for a monthly membership where students ages 10 and up can get additional math teaching online with “Dr. Dell,” the founder, of Triad Math Inc. The name of the program is “Succeed with Math” and the cost is $29/a month. In this program, you will learn all STEM math, basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and differential equations. Upon joining the program, you will receive Dr. Del’s book “How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math.”

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My family and I have bought numerous LeapFrog® products, for all three of my boys through the years. My five year old was ecstatic to see familiar characters in our Leapfrog Academy® Subscription. With the subscription your child will enjoy being able to create their own customizable avatar, when setting up their profile. The dashboard has vibrant colors and immediately engages your learner. There are several different categories for learning. Having parental control is important for me, so I was glad to learn that at any time you can restart your child’s learning, from the parent portal. I really like this feature because it allows the child to master an area that they may find more challenging than others.

The program can be easily navigated by a child, with minimal help. The timing of each lesson is perfect for 3-6 years old, for which the program is designed. Depending on how quickly your child navigates through each learning adventure, they will acquire a printable certificate.

The LeapFrog Academy® subscription covers reading, tracing, math, STEM, and more! Some of the concepts presented in the math videos are an excellent bridge to math concepts that will be introduced later as your child matriculates through the elementary years.

My son enjoyed learning about habitats and learned about scientific classifications such as, herbivores and carnivores. There are various ways for your child to hone their creativity as well, with art puzzles and printable coloring pages.

When your child starts to feel a little antsy, they can grab a mat for the “Feelings & Health” section. Little ones can watch and participate in a simple kid friendly yoga video.

We mostly utilized Leapfrog Academy® on our laptop and Fire Tablet and had no technical difficulties or interruptions. We tried using the subscription app on my iOS phone, and initially we did encounter being kicked out of the app a few times. However, after completing the necessary updates on my phone, the app worked seamlessly.

Overall your child will definitely have fun learning, and get an opportunity to build their problem solving skills with this subscription. We enjoyed using our LeapFrog Academy® subscription and look forward to continuing to utilize it throughout the year. This subscription has been an awesome way to reinforce our homeschool lessons and prepare my preschooler for kindergarten this coming Fall.

LeapFrog Academy® is currently offering a free two month trial! After your trial select 6-month or 12-month plans from $24.99 or $39.99. Enjoy and happy learning!

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Jesus dying on a cross in excruciating pain managed to show compassion. He had been scourged, humiliated, spat on, and made to carry a heavy cross until his strength was obliterated. He had nails put in His hands and feet and hung most likely naked. Even then He managed to have compassion towards the two criminals that were on both sides of Him.

Wow, I don’t know about you but that image reminded me of times I told myself, I couldn’t take it or I’d had enough for the day. The kids and husband had plucked all the nerves allowed for a day. But now face to face with this passage, my sin looked pathetic. We must call out the truth in ourselves when we see it.

Yes, we face rough days, but “man” does this passage challenge me to step up. Jesus who came down to earth in human form dealt with everything we have ... and even then, He didn’t sin. He didn’t let anything, or anyone cost Him His relationship with His Heavenly Father.

But how often do we do the exact opposite? It’s not easy ... and I’m not asking that we don’t validate difficulty and downright unbearable days, weeks, months, and sometimes years... But whatever we do, let’s not let it cost us our sweet communion with God. He is our lifeline!

The days of parenting and homeschooling are long, but it’s God’s grace that helps us be strong. Don’t let anything dissuade you from your power source. He has things He wants to reveal to you every day amidst the chaos and the solitude. Allow God to manifest Himself to you, through time in His Word and by being more aware of His presence in your daily tasks.

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”

Philippians 2:13