A Special Anniversary Story

It was our 10th year anniversary, over 700 miles away from family, four children with one on the way,no baby-sitter and COVID-19 was lurking! I am chuckling as I write this, because all things were still possible. After being married for this long and choosing to win through every circumstance, my hubby and I gave no place to discouragement. We just chose to “run” with the punches. Literally, it was a race to make our day as special or as memorable as possible in spite of the fact that my hubby’s work hours were ridiculously crazy. Honestly, the day of our anniversary, I only saw him for about 2 hours. The night before our anniversary, I decided to make our room super welcoming before he arrived home. I had placed all white sheets, a white comforter and white pillows on our bed. I wanted him to feel like he had entered into a hotel room. I had an artificial grass plant placed on my armoire to make the room feel a little bit airy. I dimmed lights to set the atmosphere in our bedroom. Everything was strategically placed and relaxing.

I framed the vows my hubby had read to me on our wedding day. Our first marriage picture and a card given to us by my grandfather (who passed away a few years after our wedding) were also strategically placed in the room. Before I was married, I was always saying, “I want the man that I marry to have a love like my grandfather had for his family.” And, God truly granted me with that blessing! The next morning, was our anniversary! But before sunrise, my hubby headed out the door for work. So, I got up with him, put my phone on record and videotaped him as he entered our sun room where there were photos of some of our favorite framed memories. He smiled. We hugged. We prayed. We kissed and continued our day.

I even had a special gift for my husband tucked away in the backseat of his car! We used FaceTime almost the entire day... But my husband never realized that his gift was in the back seat of the car! I couldn’t hold the surprise any longer! On his drive home, I asked him if he had seen anything in the backseat. He said, “Yes, your laptop box!” I explained that it was mine. It was his! He started screaming with joy! He told me I shouldn’t have said anything, because he could no longer focus on driving. I was ecstatic and so was he.

Two days later, when he had finally recovered from his strenuous work schedule, I made a special dinner just for the two of us in the corner or our sun room while the kids were having diner in the kitchen! I dimmed the lights and set the table with steamed steak and potatoes, a mixed-salad, grilled kale, cornbread and a frozen fruit drink in champagne glasses. I placed our framed vows on the table, lit with tea light candles and turned on Jazz music. We ate, read our vows to each other and conversed about the memorable moments throughout our 10 years. The evening was beautiful, and we were stuffed. I was blessed with a special gift from my husband as well! The only thing I wanted was a replacement for my original wedding ring that I had lost quite some time ago. My husband remembered and delivered!

It was truly a Happy Anniversary – Our Special two-day celebration...COVID style! Over the years, I've learned to make every moment count. Whatever you can do to celebrate your marriage, do it! Don’t focus on the limitations. Focus only on the possibilities!

Sha’Meca Latai’ Oliver is a wife, mom of 4 (and one on the way!) She is an entrepreneur and builder of Women in business and ministry. She creates space for women to connect and achieve their goals. Follow Sha'Meca on IG @iamshamecalatai and @womenwholeadconnect to learn more about her family life, business, and ministry.

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