ARTistic Pursuits - K-3 Vol. 1 Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Due to this ongoing pandemic, the co-op our family regularly attends did not meet and I didn’t have the option to outsource art for the kids.

I like art but I did not want to have to create the lesson plans. However, I didn’t want my kids to miss out on a quality art program. Being offered “K-3 Vol. 1 Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary" by ARTistic Pursuits was right on time!

This creative art curriculum includes 18 projects featuring examples in the work text. And art material instruction in six video lessons. The curriculum can also be solely purchased as an online course. There is an art supply list for all the lessons, once you have acquired the materials, you are all set!

Each lesson is simple and ranges from ten minutes to forty-five minutes. There are prep notes for each lesson with helpful hints on getting started. This curriculum particularly helps your child's observation skills and attention to detail. ARTistic Pursuits gives your child a brief education of art concepts while guiding them on how to create.

Our first lesson was "Watercolor Crayons" with video lesson instruction. The instructions were to create a painting of a few favorite objects from your bedroom. My eight-year-old son enjoyed this project and was happily surprised that he got to pick the objects that he was interested in. His current interest are Beyblades and Dogman books! Are there any other "boy moms" that can relate??

In the "Oil Pastels," video lesson, the instructor models the techniques to be used with oil pastels, drawing paper, and tissue. You select outdoor toys, shoes, plants, or other play objects you can find. Your art projects always come out unique and give you an opportunity to add your own ideas. Seen below is my son's drawing of a basketball, football, and jump rope in our yard.

We also learned how to "Identify and Mix Colors," using the same media, but different techniques. We selected green, orange, and purple objects that were simple in shape. We chose fruits for this project. We used basic watercolors and mixed them to create the desired color for each fruit.

Drawing shapes was a cool lesson! We selected a variety of blocks from around the house. If you didn't have building blocks you were instructed to cut out different shapes of paper. You then would use the shapes to create an animal, building, person, anything you would like. Here is the masterpiece my son created below.

My oldest son who is eleven years old picked a more challenging lesson. "How to draw a self-portrait". There was no video for this lesson. The instructions however are laid out step by step. He was able to achieve a picture similar to himself while sketching with oil pastels and looking in a mirror.

I think, he did a superb job on his first try!

We really enjoyed this art curriculum! We liked the freedom to chose items in the various lessons to personalize each lesson to my son's taste. Each art project had minimal prep, which is great for a mom like me with three busy boys.

I'm looking forward to adding all of these diverse projects to each one of their homeschool portfolios. I definitely recommend this art program for all homeschool families. Looking forward to using more ARTistic Pursuits curriculum, throughout this upcoming school year!

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