Creating an Atmosphere of Gratefulness

Your kids whiny? Complaining? Are YOU complaining? Are you grateful for your spouse and all that they do for you or all that you're blessed to do for them? Ungratefulness can sneak up on you, but we can’t allow it to take up residence in our hearts. What we allow to foster in our heart and our children's hearts will affect the atmosphere in our homes. Deal with ungrateful scenarios “head on” and replace them with thanksgiving! Can you imagine going into a home that has an awful smell? That’s what a home filled with complaining is like. Let’s be sure that we keep each other “in check” and be intentional to only allow gratefulness to rise from our households as a sweet-smelling aroma to the Lord. A grateful atmosphere makes your home pleasant for everyone who lives there, and visitors will recognize the sweetness as well.

With everything that has been going on in our world lately, I am grateful just to be alive and well. God has been better than good! Nevertheless, I still have moments when I forget some of the goodness of God, and so does my family. Let’s commit to truly taking advantage of this Thanksgiving season and throughout the days and weeks that follow.

Remember the faithfulness of the Lord. There is not a day that goes by that the Lord does not prove Himself to be all we need and more. We may forget to acknowledge Him and all that He does, but He is steadily keeping us and equipping us to do every good work. Write down the things your grateful for and share them as a family. God deserves to be praised continually and he desires to hear our thanks from a sincere and grateful heart.

Look for opportunities to give. An opportunity to give may not always fall directly in your lap, but God will guide you and provide the means for you to do so. Look into your local nonprofits and your church. Lots of organizations are using their social media platforms to increase donations this year due to COVID. COVID has increased the number of families that are in need, so don’t neglect to give. Social distancing does not apply to meeting the needs of others. It’s not too late! Get involved in both faith- based and non-faith-based groups that support families in need. Giving to those who are less fortunate helps to cultivate an inner attitude of gratefulness as well.

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