Famous Figures of the American Revolution by Figures in Motion

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Famous Figures of the American Revolution by Figures in Motion is an educational resource that will allow you to add more hands-on activities to your history curriculum. This is a consumable book printed on card stock. This is a great tool for your kinesthetic or visual learners. Each pair of cut-outs comes with a historical biography and key facts about each character. Included in the book is a list of read-alouds and books for students who can read independently. Once you are ready to create, all you need is a ⅛" hole punch to make a hole at the joints with mini brads that make the puppet move. These are available at most craft stores, the Figures in Motion website, and of course Amazon.

We used the Famous Figures of the American Revolution book. This book includes some of the important people from the American Revolution. After cutting them out, your child can use their imagination to make them come to life by creating a puppet show, adding to a lapbook, or any way you desire. The American Revolution figures in this book are:

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Betsy Ross

  • Daniel Boone

  • George Washington

  • John Adams

  • Molly Pitcher

  • Patrick Henry

  • Paul Revere

  • Soldier of the Continental Army

  • Thomas Jefferson

Each figure comes in pairs. Once you have cut out the figure that is in color, the other figure can then be used to be colored and put together or saved for another activity. Because I am a mom of three boys, I appreciate that line art pages are set up to allow me to copy them for use with each one of my children. (When using for co-ops, between families or schools their are proper licenses required.)

Our family has enjoyed an in-depth study of the American Revolution and would love for Figures in Motions to add these prominent figures to this series:

Crispus Attucks - a symbol of American patriotism and sacrifice. He fought in the Boston Massacre. He was a sailor and a rope maker and played an active role in the start of the massacre. Of the five colonists killed, he is said to have been the first to fall. Phillis Wheatley - a revolutionary poet. Influential colonists read her poems and praised her talent. George Washington appreciated Wheatley’s support and invited her to come and meet him in a letter on February 28, 1776.

Peter Salem - Salem fought in one of the Revolutionary War fights, the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill. Although the British defeated the Continental Army, he is credited with killing many Redcoats and killing a key officer of the British Army Major John Pitcairn. James Armistead Lafayette- he was a double agent to General Marquis de Lafayette. He pretended to be a runaway slave to the British, but really he was spying on them and would give information about their intentions to the Continental Army. The First Rhode Island Regiment - These soldiers were among the first racially integrated Continental Army unit. They were said to have fought fiercely and defiantly to protect their country and commander. They all died in battle. Our family and I'm sure countless other homeschool families would enjoy these additions to the Figures in Motion American Revolution book. I feel that this would make their current book more well-rounded and complete. I hope the publisher will consider adding these important men and women of the American Revolution. I would love to purchase such additions and write an add-on review for my readers! Other books that are a part of the Figures in Motion series are:

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