The Home School Series - Finding Your Tribe

Home school can already seem like a whole new world. But it need not be a lonely one. Whether you have a small or large home school network, it will benefit parents and kids alike to be connected to other home school organizations. Here are some of the reasons why I sought a diversified home school tribe:

1. I was scared! This is a massive responsibility and I wanted help to know that I was doing something right. I found a home school group that would assign me an advisor and give guidance and accountability. They also would assist me with mapping out plans for the school year and making quarterly goals. 2. Legal protection! Prior to the current pandemic, my children and I would be out and about a few days a week for home school co-op, field trips, and going to the library. I never wanted any issues if someone saw my kids and I out and about during school hours on a regular basis. But, more importantly, I wanted to be made aware of any legal changes in my state regarding homeschooling. My solution was to join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).  They provided me with a home educator card to keep in my wallet, as well as keeping me informed on legal issues. They have options for a small monthly or annual cost. For me, the membership was worth having for my peace of mind and great teacher discounts! 3. Hope for the finish line! There are others that have already been where I am going. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my tenured home school moms. I glean so much from what they have already experienced. I love hearing from moms that have graduated some or all of their kids! Hearing their stories and experiences keeps me pumped for the years ahead. 4. Cater to my child’s interest! I joined several online groups in my state, as well as groups specified for my kids’ grade levels. Connecting with other groups online allowed me to find families with similar interests. I was able to find resources specific to careers or hobbies that my kids are currently interested in. Online groups alerted me to cool conventions and expos all over the U.S., along with great programs to help hone my children’s unique gifts and abilities.  

Taking a little time to network and research to create a home school tribe you love, is well worth the effort. I’d love to share some of my favorite homeschooling resources that have made for a great home school experience for me and my kids. Check out the Hope at Home private Facebook group to get connected and get specific answers to your home school questions. The goal is to have fun creating a home school tribe that is the perfect fit for you and your family! This is an investment you won’t regret! 

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