Fresh Vision for Your Parenting

God wants to speak to you and give you fresh vision for you and your parenting. When the Lord speaks to you concerning your children, will you act on what He says? Will you follow His leading? Now, more than ever, as parents we must be sensitive to hear what God is saying, so we can lead our children with inner peace and strength.

From the day our children are born, there is a countdown until they are no longer in your immediate care. Just take a look through a few of your child’s pictures and you will see how quickly your children are growing right before your eyes. While we have our children in our care, we must remember some of our long term goals. Raising children that love and rely on God, become independent, and are productive citizens in the world, just to name a few. Parenting is not just about intentionality, but sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

When God speaks, lets listen! And when God directs, let's obey! Abide in God's Word fervently and surround yourself with tools that will help you more readily hear. God wants us to make purposeful adjustments, changes, and complete overhauls in this new year, so that our families are positioned for abundant living and blessing.

We can read all the books, receive counseling, and have tons of life lessons to share. But, without going to God for ourselves regularly and acting on what we hear, our parenting will prove to be dramatically less effective.

Every parent is imperfect. But we serve a perfect parent. Our God is a perfect and loving Father.

Whether your raising one child, three, or eight don’t get caught up in only providing the food, shelter, home school or homework help. Although providing for your children's physical needs alone can seem overwhelming, I implore you that your children’s greatest need is their parents going to battle for them on their knees.

This year, we will continue embracing our new normal. But, we must have divine direction with every step that we take. Gear up in your faith and expect God to reveal Himself in a new way.

Honestly address pride and personal inadequacies as a parent every day before God and He will help you! Only God can help us as parents to lead in love and leave a legacy.

Let this be a wake a call to press forward. Our children are a blessing from God. If you are currently having a rough time... know that God can calm the chaos. Continue to seek after God, and He will show up!

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