Give Your Marriage a Boost!

Marriage is most rewarding, when you make it a regular part of your priorities. One quickly learns that although holidays and special days are great to participate in, sustaining growth, maintaining endurance, and cultivating love are everyday choices we make to express lifelong love to our spouse. Here are a few simple things you can do to give your marriage a boost:

Build spiritual intimacy. Spend time together in Bible study with your spouse. “Wash” each other with God’s Word often. Busyness is no excuse. This vital component of your marriage effects all the others. It took me a while to learn this, but I am so glad I did. Share what God is showing you about yourself and what you are learning about who God is to you. Encourage one another in God’s promises and solidify each other’s faith in the Lord with regular, undistracted, prayer time together.

Verbalize your appreciation. Don’t think that just because your spouse does something daily, they wouldn’t appreciate you telling them that you appreciate what they do. The everyday mundane things matter and verbalizing how we feel, leaves all the guess work out of how you “still” feel. Don’t second guess any opportunity to show how much you are thankful for your spouse and all you both do to make each other’s lives easier and more fulfilling. Don’t let kids, work, or extended family, allow you to forget the value of God’s son or daughter He has allowed to be your partner for life!

Ask for Input. The best way to find out if you can do better is to ask. Ask your spouse, “Are there any ways I could serve you better?” Sometimes the answer will be, “No.” But, knowing that each of you cares about the other eliminates space for the enemy to breed subconscious lies into your relationship.

Get Physical. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Hug. Kiss. Hold hands. Cuddle. With kids, this can be a challenge. Children need to see you show affection for your spouse within the marriage relationship. I am also an advocate of putting the kids to sleep early or turning up the volume on music or TV. Don’t miss out on the regular joy of sex with your spouse, while your children are young. The Bible encourages husbands to “enjoy the wife of your youth.” God created sex for a man and a woman to enjoy throughout the years of marriage. Don’t let the enemy or your schedule force you in a sexual drought. God desires that you have a loving, romantic, mutually pleasing sexual experience. God knew what Has doing when He created sex for marriage. It is designed to unite and draw your relationship closer in a way that nothing else can.

Keep boosting your marriage for the better! God has called you to stay united together and fulfill His purpose in a lifestyle of love, joy, and harmony!

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