God's Love is the Glue

At the altar, we were in love and ready to commit. We started our union already having had our oldest son, in June of that same year. New Mom and Dad and now, embarking on a lifelong journey as husband and wife. What a ride we were in for! The first seven years were filled with ups and downs. When I look back I know it’s only God’s grace that pulled us through. Immaturity and selfishness amongst many other things fanned a terrible flame.

But by divine providence, God opened our eyes through painful failures. We went to counseling, sought help, and got accountable by those who cared and loved us. There were holidays my husband and I wanted nothing to do with each other. But we were equipped with “staying power.” What was that staying power you ask? God’s love! It was the glue that held us together.

We still loved each other, our kids, and the family life, but if it weren’t for God’s love ... He drew us back to each other and His will. If not, I truly believe we would have definitely gone our separate ways.

We had to endure the rain so that we could one day smile at each other again. And in time, God did do it!

We aren’t perfect, never will be, but we are stronger. Our bond is more authentic than it’s ever been.

When you rely on the One who never fails, He can do amazing things with our relationships. Especially marriage, because God created it and He loves it!

So, if this Valentine’s Day you are struggling to love your spouse, or someone close to you, have hope! God can work miracles when you love anyway!

Broken trust? Lack of support, love, affection, and acknowledgment? It can be any number of things that you may have already experienced... But love anyway! Allow God to direct your decisions and wait on His provision.

Everyone’s marriage and relationships aren’t restored, but every person can become healed and whole.

Don’t back down because the outcome looks bleak, God is in the business of giving hope to the hopeless. Let God’s spirit and His promises anchor you and carry you safely ashore.

Choose this Valentine’s Day and going forward to love others...anyway!

Remember, we have been relentlessly pursued by God’s love, and not one of us deserves it. Have faith that with God there is always, hope for your heart and home!

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