Guard Your Heart in a Climate of Chaos

Wouldn’t you like to get some answers to some of society’s most pertinent questions right now? When will the pandemic subside? Will we be back to some of the things we enjoy by the spring? …or better yet the summer? When can we branch out of our homes or invite others over without taking extreme precaution? And what is in store for our country, as our current President faces impeachment, and an incoming President faces possible mayhem on Inauguration Day? Last, but not least, when will the racial and political divides that still persist in the world and in the church be resolved?

All of these circumstances can cause you to be alarmed or want to crawl under a rock and ignore it all. Neither of these choices is the correct answer.

Recognize that you are the first line of defense for what you allow to overwhelm or distract your mind. If you have slacked up on how you are limiting your intake of all the distractions around us... Make a change today. Set new boundaries and stick to them.

It’s essential to guard our hearts, minds, and emotions or they will spew out the things that God hates and leave us with all the miserable side effects. Are you struggling or succumbing to fear, complacency? Are you feeling overwhelmed? It could be, because you are not vigilantly guarding your heart.

If we don’t guard our hearts, how can we live the peaceable life we all love, let alone lead our family? We will be able to navigate all 2021 will throw at us if we pray for God’s wisdom and grace. None of us knows the exact details of the future, but we can focus on what God would have us to do until things change. And even if nothing changes around us, we will have an inner peace that comes from God.

Many of God’s commands are connected to a promise. Isaiah 26:3 promises us that God will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our hearts and mind focused on Him. This verse tells us to focus our hearts and minds on God. This command is not for us to have a moment of silence and inner peace, but a lifetime of hanging all our hearts desires on Him. If we humble ourselves and chose this more excellent way of doing life, God will enable us and we will have peace, no matter what curve balls come whizzing by.

Another way to guard your heart during this first part of the year, is to spend time in prayer and fasting. Expect God to build your confidence in Him and His plans concerning you. Create as many pockets of time as you can to get away and be quiet.

Remember, fasting is not about what you give up, or how long you fast. But rather this is a time that you are exchanging your natural desire for food for God’s presence to renew your heart and your mind.

God transforms the way we see things when we guard our hearts and get alone with Him. This year is your time to reposition yourself for greater strength in every area. Don’t stay in the same spot where 2020 left you, there is soo much more in store for you!

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