Helping Your Family to Flourish

It’s springtime, and it’s prime time for gardening. While recently planting flowers, I got some advice from a gardener about helping them grow. She advised that if I did not cut off the brown dead leaves, it would prevent the flower from reaching its full potential. Oftentimes, as the year progresses our priorities for our marriage, children, and family life, seem to become difficult to maintain. One reason is that we neglect to get rid of the things that are “dead weight.”

Pursuing Too Many Passions

God has given husbands, wives, and our children passions; special interests, and gifts. But there should be a vision for how much is too much. The main ingredient to a flourishing family is unity. Unity can become tremendously difficult to maintain if everyone is involved in too many activities. Especially when the kids are younger. I suggest no more than one activity per child, especially when they require practices and meetings, etc.

Heart Check-In

Make time for a "heart check-in” to talk about how you and your spouse are really feeling. Have a separate time for the kids as well. Misperceptions in relationships can sometimes kill the reality of what is intended. Your spouse may perceive that you don’t want to help with the laundry anymore, while in reality it just slipped his mind. Your children may perceive work is more important to you than spending time talking to them, while in reality there is nothing you want to do more than spend time with them. Carving out space for a “heart check-in” allows for both positive and negative things to be addressed together as a family in a relaxed setting.

Praying For Next Steps

No one knows the future but the Lord. We may have our plans for our family for the week, month, or year, but we always have to keep our plans open before the Lord. Allow God to direct your family’s steps. God loves family and He wants us to seek Him for how He wants to use our families to glorify Him. The world needs praying families right now more than ever. Let’s remember to ask God about every decision in our life. God is waiting, ready, and willing to guide us. He alone knows how to cause our families to flourish.

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