Intentional Self-Care

No one will care for you, like you! Only you know what you need to maintain consistency in your well- being. In the midst of parenting, work, and miscellaneous responsibilities, we often can neglect taking care of ourselves. Being too busy to invest in yourself, is too busy. Take time weekly, or daily if needed to ask yourself, “How am I really doing?” “What do I need to adjust?” and “What could I improve or do more efficiently?”


How are you doing spiritually? Are you regularly attending church in person or virtually? Are you truly engaging or are you just going through the motions? Be honest with yourself and with God. Do what’s necessary to give God the best praise, worship, and adoration He deserves. How is your private prayer time, Bible study, and worship at home? If we love God, we keep His commands. When we don’t, we will suffer the consequences slowly but surely. God has given us every necessary tool to live life abundantly. Technology provides endless possibilities and ways to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord. If you seek the Lord, you will find Him, no matter how or what is currently going on in your life currently. The fruit of the spirit will grow and blossom in your life regardless of your circumstances. Be intentional about your spiritual life.


How is your health? Are you exercising and eating healthy meals? Investing in your health does not happen by osmosis. Fallen off track? Start with one area and build from there. I encourage you to start with your most pressing health issue. Need to make that dental or health check-up? Hop to it! Better late than never. I often hear the saying “health is wealth,” and its true! Do you want to live and complete the will of God? Do you want to leave this world before your time? Begin taking steps towards healthier habits today, don’t procrastinate! Be intentional about your physical health.


How do you feel in your soul? Are remnants of stress or anxiety waning on you? Have you consumed too much social media? Do you miss a deceased loved one? Someone close to you sick? Do you feel alone? Whatever that “thing” is for you, remember no one can do this inner work for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to minister to the inside of you. The well of God’s power and grace, never runs dry! Reach out for help from a trusted therapist or counselor. Trust God and utilize all the resources He has given you to aide in you living free, mentally and emotionally. Be intentional about your emotional and mental health.

Don’t let the daily routine of family life cause you to forget that you are loved and deserving of love. God loves you and you have to love on yourself as well. God speaks to us through His Word about our value over and over again. Don’t tackle every component of your life at once. Take one area of your life to focus on and commit, one day at a time. You will thank yourself down the road and your habits will be an example for your family to follow. But, more importantly you will honor your Creator, who has made you fearfully, wonderfully and intentionally!

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