It’s a Celebration!

“Come on and gather around everybody It's gonnabe a celebration For unto us a child is born If you're looking, you will find Him Wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger You will know it's Him because you will find The glory of the Lord in His hands It's a great day!”

This has been my car riding jam song this week! This song is by an infamous and timeless gospel group, “The Clark Sisters.” They have penned a melody to all the joy that encompasses this amazing holiday season. I don’t know about you, but after all that we have faced this year, I am fully embracing the chance to celebrate Jesus with a heart of joy and thanksgiving. The only reason that we have the Christmas tree, the lights, gifts and special memories is because of Jesus. When He came, He set us free from all the hurt, pain and fear we would ever encounter!! I am soo glad Jesus came y’all! Because of Him we always have hope, no matter what is going on in our family or in the world around us.

“It’s a celebration You don't need an invitation The Messiah is born … Celebrate the King of Kings The Lord of Lords The King of all the nations!”

I pray you keep Jesus at the center of your festivities. We have a family tradition of doing a devotional before opening gifts. But how ever you see fit, I hope you enjoy celebrating Jesus birthday! Have a blessed Merry Christmas and may God’s peace and joy be renewed in your hearts!

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