Keep Dreaming!

With life and kids, things can get quite hectic. The dreams we once had as younger men and women can begin to fade into the “sea of what could have been.” But I believe there are certain desires and gifts that God has given each one of us that He does not want to drown in the sea of our past. However, it is up to us to be intentional to seek God on how to carry out His uniquely designed plan that now includes our family, our kids, and all of our other pressing responsibilities. We don’t have to forsake family for our dreams when the thing we wish to achieve is our God ordained destiny. It’s not one or the other. God wants you to be successful in both!

I’m not here to tell you, that you can have everything at one time, but I am here to tell you… keep dreaming! Sometimes I sit back in amazement when I observe how full of aspiration and drive my children are. To a child the possibilities are endless, and the hindrances are few. We as parents could use a higher dose of that from time to time. Yes, we know how “real” life is, but don’t we serve a God of impossible resources, power, and strength?

Often as parents we make sacrifices for our families and then we get stuck in the day to day hustle. God wants us to be good stewards of our responsibilities, but he never intended for us to settle for less than His best! So where have you stopped dreaming? What desires lay hidden beneath the surface? The Bible says to write the vision and make it plain! Get the information, write out your five, ten, or fifteen-year plan. Ask God, what’s for now, later, or what should be discarded. God will show you and direct you. What good is it to live a life for God and miss out on his uniquely mapped out plan made just for you?

God knew you would be married when you got married, even if you didn't. God knew you would be at your job doing what you’re doing right at this very moment. Lift up your eyes and your heart and have hope! What God has in store for you is above all you could ever ask or think! Has He placed a ministry or outreach within you? God is continually at work within you. I believe part of the slowdown of COVID-19 is God’s purpose for us to sit, quiet ourselves, and LISTEN. What is the Spirit saying? He wants to commune with you. As you pour out your heart to Him, allow His dream in YOU to come true!

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