Leapfrog Academy Homeschool Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

My family and I have bought numerous LeapFrog® products, for all three of my boys through the years. My five year old was ecstatic to see familiar characters in our Leapfrog Academy® Subscription. With the subscription your child will enjoy being able to create their own customizable avatar, when setting up their profile. The dashboard has vibrant colors and immediately engages your learner. There are several different categories for learning. Having parental control is important for me, so I was glad to learn that at any time you can restart your child’s learning, from the parent portal. I really like this feature because it allows the child to master an area that they may find more challenging than others.

The program can be easily navigated by a child, with minimal help. The timing of each lesson is perfect for 3-6 years old, for which the program is designed. Depending on how quickly your child navigates through each learning adventure, they will acquire a printable certificate.

The LeapFrog Academy® subscription covers reading, tracing, math, STEM, and more! Some of the concepts presented in the math videos are an excellent bridge to math concepts that will be introduced later as your child matriculates through the elementary years.

My son enjoyed learning about habitats and learned about scientific classifications such as, herbivores and carnivores. There are various ways for your child to hone their creativity as well, with art puzzles and printable coloring pages.

When your child starts to feel a little antsy, they can grab a mat for the “Feelings & Health” section. Little ones can watch and participate in a simple kid friendly yoga video.

We mostly utilized Leapfrog Academy® on our laptop and Fire Tablet and had no technical difficulties or interruptions. We tried using the subscription app on my iOS phone, and initially we did encounter being kicked out of the app a few times. However, after completing the necessary updates on my phone, the app worked seamlessly.

Overall your child will definitely have fun learning, and get an opportunity to build their problem solving skills with this subscription. We enjoyed using our LeapFrog Academy® subscription and look forward to continuing to utilize it throughout the year. This subscription has been an awesome way to reinforce our homeschool lessons and prepare my preschooler for kindergarten this coming Fall.

LeapFrog Academy® is currently offering a free two month trial! After your trial select 6-month or 12-month plans from $24.99 or $39.99. Enjoy and happy learning!

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