Make Your Master Bedroom a Haven

When the day is over, all you probably want to do is flop on the bed and kick your shoes off.

But, think about what a difference it would make if you gave your room a new look... What if when you came into your room it aided your mind and body in having a more calm and serene mood? Your master bedroom should be a sacred space for you and your spouse. Your room is your space to connect with God and each other intimately.

Consider updating or decorating your bedroom for the first time, with your spouse, as a surprise gift, or consider enlisting the help of an expert designer.

Decor that Speaks to Your Love

Words are powerful. Pray about what has strengthened you and your spouse. Are there pictures that you and your spouse cherish? Pick a few to frame and be a reminder of your love, commitment, and looking forward to the journey ahead. Don’t just pick things arbitrarily, make your master bedroom unique to your union. Think of how you will feel after a rough day, and post scriptures or words that will encourage you and your spouse and motivate you both daily.

Marriage Books & Devotionals

Keep a few marriage books or devotionals on hand. Reading a portion of a marriage book or short devotional can help you both grow in your relationship with God, improve communication, and increase intimacy. This is a great way to help each other be accountable to one another in being intentional to invest in each other. Here are a few great book and devotional recommendations:

Mood Music

Don’t forget to have something in your room that you can use to play music and set the mood for relaxation, meditation, or romance.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make plans for a master bedroom makeover! Have fun and be creative with your space. I hope you will take some time to invest in creating an atmosphere for you and your spouse that you both will enjoy for years and years to come! See pictures below of our master bedroom transformation, by Erica's Events & Decor.

Erica Anselmo launched Erica’s Events and Décor ® in November 2018. Erica’s ultimate goal is to deliver tailor-made, affordable, elegant events and interior design to the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Learn more about her and the amazing services she provides at,

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