Motherhood & The Pandemic

Before the pandemic motherhood wasn’t easy. But since COVID has been on the scene your job has got increasingly harder. You want a vacation from the house, the kids, and all the responsibilities that come along with it. Trying to tame kids screaming and working from home is a wild dynamic, to say the least.

Are ready for the kids to go back to school? Have you pulled your kids out and you can’t believe you’re suddenly your child’s main teacher? Or have you been home schooling before the pandemic and you want to get back to your normal activities?

Wherever this pandemic has landed you, it has been a time of intense fighting amidst feelings of overwhelming stress. Give yourself grace as we continue to cross uncharted waters and get back to our new normal. But rest assured God sees you, and there is hope for you. If you feel as if no one in your family seems to see how you give of yourself daily, know that you are not alone. Mom, your work is of great value! Motherhood is a labor of love and this pandemic is stretching all of us.

However, don’t keep grinding at the cost of improper care of yourself. We were not created to neglect ourselves in exchange for taking care of our families. If that is you, you are out of order. This pandemic has most of our babysitters out of a temporary job. But COVID-19 has taught us that life must still continue, despite our restrictions. And taking care of you Mom, is a priority.

Quiet time with Jesus

It can be five minutes that make all the difference! Don’t be ashamed or condemned by the amount of time you spend quietly with Jesus. As mothers, you can learn to abide with God as you change a diaper, nurse you little one, fix a bottle, or iron clothes. If you acknowledge the Holy Spirit, He will come through with a Word of life, even as you perform mundane household duties. When you truly have more time to give, the Lord will nudge you and show you the best way to expand your prayer and bible study time.

Pour into Yourself

Don’t go hop on a plane. But there is a way to refresh right where you are. It might not even be planned. But when you find your moment, go for it! Have a hot cup of tea by your fireplace in silence. Take a bubble bath with your favorite music playing. Pick up a book you have sat down for a while. If you have a spouse whose schedule allows for you to go out for a few, coordinate so you can go for a drive, or sit in the car quietly alone. This pandemic is also a great time to pick up some hobbies you wouldn’t typically be able to get around to, like creating that family photo scrapbook. Find out what refuels you and do it as often as you can.

Connect with Others Call a friend, family member, or check on someone who may be lonely and in need of an encouraging word. Nothing feeds the heart, mind, and body like community. Don’t let others stress you, but do stay connected to your church family or women’s groups. Relax and relate to some of your girlfriends over Zoom or FaceTime. Yes, I know it isn’t ideal, but nothing about this pandemic is, right? Enjoy what you have, until you get out of this pandemic. Share the blessings and goodness of God with someone. No matter what your experiencing in this season, don’t isolate yourself. Your blessing of refreshing is just around the corner!!

The cost of not taking care of yourself, will most likely result in frustration, irritability, resentment, and more. We are better mothers when we are healthy and strong. Spending consistent time with God, pouring into ourselves, and connecting with others will truly make a difference. Decide today, to no longer neglect you.

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