When Your Spouse’s Job is Stressful

It is a blessing to have a career or job that you love and enjoy. Even if you don’t love your job, you may enjoy your work environment, employees, and managers that contribute to and allow you to maintain a pleasant job morale.

However, sometimes there are seasons that the job environment gets tough and can cause stress. When your spouse is stressed, you feel it too as a husband or wife. Currently we are in a worldwide pandemic and that has added to extra precautions and procedures in all lines of work. For some households both spouses may have to work outside the home and must constantly strive to maintain their health and safety. Below are a few tips to remember and implement when your spouse’s job is stressful.

Create a Relaxing Environment

When your spouse returns home create a relaxing atmosphere. Allow them time and space to unwind. Light candles or essential oil diffusers. There are specific scents that can aide in relaxation of the mind and body like Valerian, Lavender and Jasmine.

Boost Immunity

Stress and anxiety can wear on your immune system. Remind your spouse to take their vitamins and a daily supplement to keep their bodies feeling strong and healthy. “Prevention is the best medicine” and a healthy immune system can stave off many sicknesses including the common cold.

Be Understanding

Ask about your spouse’s day. Sometimes they may not want to discuss it but let them know you’re available and that you care. If your spouse is withdrawn due to work, ask if you can pray with them. Always remember you aren’t expected to be their solution, simply guide them to God who has all the answers and remedies for life.

Include God

Lastly, seek God together for His will and purpose in the midst of difficult times. God wastes nothing and He cares about everything that concerns us. No matter what stress you or your spouse may face, remember that it is a blessing to have companionship when facing life’s trials. God expects husbands and wives to support each other through His power. God is able to use even stressful circumstances to bind us closer together. Trust God and be selfless in your support of your spouse. Have hope, because stressful times and troublesome situations won’t last always!!

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